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Complaint against a business



  • Rosemary Taffijn

    I had blooming gardens last tuesday come n give me a quote

    I accepted it they were coming thursday to do the job early in the morning 

    After ringing they arrived after 4 pm stayed an hour then left

    Promising to return friday    they did not come 

    After i got home from work i rang yet again

    We will come sat am      2 pm saturday i rang again  they rocked  late again stayed 1 hour n left again promising to come back sunday after 10

    I rang and sent more messages tgry came late again and once again promising  to come today monday to finish tge job   have srnt messages  and no answer i paid her 650.00 cash which she demanded

    I have just sent a message back saying i want 200 at least back  we have an acre but easy to manage with the right equiptment
    I would had had her come regularly if she had been reliable

    Excuses  was all she constantly gave

    Please remove her from your listing

    I now have to pay another person to come and do the job she could not manage

    Between  smoke breaks and asking to put her jack daniels n cola in our fridge 

    Not much of a worker

    She rocked up on the tues with smoke n drink in her hand that should have given me a clue

    Rosemary taffijn 

  • Melinda Rio

    I just had a bizarre experience with Dennis and Michael from Biltrite Renovations. When they arrived my two dogs (cocker spaniel and spoodle) were barking. I apologised and said they’d settle in a few minutes. In less than 5 minutes the builders stormed out saying they couldn’t hear me over the dogs. I again apologised for wasting their time and as they were barging out the front door I said “okay that’s all a bit weird” then Michael turned back and said “you’re the fucking weirdo”. I was gobsmacked and very happy my ferocious attack spaniel and spoodle had saved me from potentially getting those guys to do work in my home.

  • Mcleanar

    Luke Reeves of LGMP was engaged to undertake fencing and landscaping services for my neighbour and I. A 50% deposit was paid to him but he continually made excuses as to not commencing work. Eventually he admitted he couldn't do the work and we cancelled the service and requested our deposit back. Between the two of us this amounts to thousands of dollars. He continually delayed in returning our deposits and is now refusing to return my deposit after threatning me with abusive messages. He claims I have no way of proving I gave him the money and implied physcial violence should I pursue him. His business should be removed from your site to protect your clients. Warnings about providing deposits to sole traders should also be issued.

  • anudeep kumar

    I hired Zia Rahman after accessing your website, and having him call me to help me with the building of several retaining walls, some fences, some concreting, painting both inside and outside our home, the building of a pergola and timber deck.

    Zia told to me he was a qualified licensed builder, which has proven not to be true. In fact I have found out that he is a NBN technician employed as a contractor for Tandem. He is not a man who tells the truth and has very limited building skills. He has ruined our home. 

    I also commissioned Buy Wise to conduct a review of his work. They were horrified by what Zia and his crew has done.  They state that all his work is completely below building and safety standards and told us we need to rip everything out and start again. Massive cost. Massive disruption.    

    I am astounded that can recommend such an ill equipped, not qualified person to me and my family. I go to your website if good faith and you send me this imposter. How can this happen? How can you endorse a person with no qualification? Zia’s ABN details also do not match with his name. Don’t you do any credit checks?

    I am not the first to feel the dreadful work of Zia Rahman, your recommended person. Krish from Noble Park North appears to have had exactly the same experience with Zia as us. Zia is very unprofessional, inexperienced, unqualified and does not tell the truth. And he, Zia, remains your recommended person. You need to take responsibility for this disaster.

    I now ask you how are you going to compensate me and my family for the damage caused by your recommendation of this untruthful, unqualified person, aggressive person who now not return my calls?

  • anudeep kumar


    I placed a review on this fake builder Zia on 27 Feb 2020, which is now been removed by someone. 

    Can you please provide me an explanation ? 




  • Chris Meggyesy

    Ray from Create a Space Home Services is a conman. He did half a job, charged us for a full amount, then never returned to finish the work. There are lots of reports about him on Product Review where you can see he has changed his business name after he was taken to VCAT under his old business.

  • Kate Davis

    Please look into this business

    The ABN for the business name 116 364 740 is de registered and the business has files for insolvency. Different sold trader ABN on listing.


  • Divs

    Hi ,

     I am writing today to complain about the service I received from Lamb Landscaping & concretors. He has made a fence like a snake. He has taken the whole payment from me beforehand and is now not coming to fix it. He promised he would fix it. But now he is not answering my calls and not fixing it. I want a refund asap or he has to come and fix it.. Appreciate your assistance.. 



  • John Le

    I have just recently hired a concreter to do my crossovers to council standard's and have been from dodgey start and is not willing to come out and finish the job to council's approval. Has been very dodgey with payments throughout this process and I have paid more than I should've had. Please contact me for company details

  • John.g.taylor


    I received a quote and engaged Grant Lebron ABN 54975303707 for the painting/restoration of my roof - cost $2800 - in August 2019.

    Due to Grant not turning up, cancelling and failing to perform the job I cancelled it in January 2020 demanding my deposit of $1,400 back.  He has not refunded my deposit to date.  I have contacted ASIC who has informed me that his business is not correctly registered and the ACCC who has demanded he refund my deposit.

    Can someone from Service Seeking contact me concerning this organisation as he is dishonest and should not be engaged by anyone.  VTAC is currently closed so my application is pending.

  • Roycomputers

    I received a quote and engaged Zacc Wynen from Coast to Coast roof tiling (ABN - 44791771669) for the roof wash job and paid $1800 on 29/07/2020,  He asked paid in advance then never turn back.

    I found Zacc Wynen from to do roof wash & repair work, Zacc came and quoted by asking full cash payment in advance, I knew roof wash only take half day then paid him as required, but he didn't start the same day and never turn up, even never response my call  and text number of times in 3 day so far.

    Can someone from Service Seeking contact me concerning this issue as he is dishonest and should not be engaged by anyone. In order to increase ServiceSeeking 's reputation, Please contact him return my deposit in full, then block his ABN and contact, in case he keep going hurt other seekers. 


  • Linda Gee

    NIC PURRER PAINTING, NERANGBA QLD **Caution** He never completed a job and the work was amateurish. Streaky you can see undercoat. Paint half way up beams and only two sides not four. Drips and big areas missed altogether. Loads of photos and videos to share as proof of his shocking attempt at painting. Heard every excuse (even crocodile tears) and still waiting for him to return. DISHONEST. Ripped off and can’t be trusted - his word is dribble. Provided many chances to fix his mess and still no reply to communications phone messages, texts or email. DODGY. Please be cautious so you don’t experience what I did. Can’t even get a receipt after requesting numerous times - ATO and industry associations now informed. I got ripped off by paying $1000 in good faith. Stay clear !! Terrible workmanship and big time talker. You’ll see him on Facebook and Air Tasker. No receipt - let’s hope ATO comes down hard. 

    Service Seeking profile is:

  • rabeya khan

    Luke don't know his last name. Just know 0424 816 609 is his phone no, contacted me for specific cleaning job. I thought he would come and give me a quote. However, he wanted the job done. I was in a hurry to get the job done for pest control purpose. It was a garage, cobweb clean up and tidy, and window cleaning job. He came with his colleague or assistant. Gave me a sky high quote for garage cleaning and lawn mowing which I did not need. He kept telling me the windows should not be cleaned because the rain later that day will ruin the clean windows. However, he insisted he is charging me more for lawn because he will spray anti weed spray (even though it would rain). He persuaded me to go ahead with the offer (at the time my car battery became flat and NRMA came to fix it while my baby needed tending, so I gave in to his BS). I should have just sensed the crappy service I was about to receive. They came to clean yet they had no equipment to clean with and borrowed my stuff. He himself was scared of spider so he did not do any cleaning. Kept ordering his assistance in a very rude manner. This person was slightly mentally challenged so Luke kept running him around and do everything. I needed some boxes to be recycled and items to be get ridden of which I specifically mentioned here in service seek once posted the job that someone should be able to take them. He said he can't. Instead they started breaking the boxes even though I mentioned that if they break them like that they won't be able to fit them in recycle bin rather need box cutter. And once again he gave me some BS. His colleague kept filling 4 of my neighbour's bin as well as mine. And kept asking if I want to get rid of the things that I might use (random stuff that I had, even though I showed them What I need to get rid of) . Did not clean the garage let alone tidy at all just got rid of boxes. I gave them items that I don't need. And they took them, ret they kept filling up in the bins. He was rushing to finish up. I was all over the place. He sounded so loud and arrogant I couldn't feel safe to argue. In the mean time my neighbour wanted her hedge done. So she asked him to do so before I could tell her not to. She was charged a fortune same as me for so little. I went around the garage to look after they left that and realized that I my $250 was wasted. Literally it felt like I did a charity. The only good thing was they did the lawn nicely. Later on I found out my neighbour did some digging and could not find their licence no or anything about their legitimacy. And my neighbours across the street mention they dumped excess boxes behind the transmitter infront of their house. Every thing about them was dodgy. Worse service ever. This has made me think that I should not be using service seek. Who knows what type of sole traders or traders are going to turn up next time. These type of businesses or traders should be reported and not be allowed to work. Absolutely disappointing. 

  • Yvonne Wang

    I want to review Filcon Ltd (now is Nesian Concrete & Retaining) Jerome Filipaina. He must set up not allow people to review him. I have to post here. Be aware this company and its owner, if you have him to do you project and your project involves lots of jobs together, make sure you get your smallest job done firstly, otherwise you lose not only time but also money. I haven't got my deposit back yet after he had it for more than one month. He neither complete the job nor return me deposit. And don't expect you will get any customer service when the job has issues: for my case is drainage pit is above pavers. I have plenty of photo evidences to support my review. If I could I would give a 0 to his reliability. Email me at if you want evidences, thanks

  • Yvonne Wang

    More to say about Filcon/Nesian is that concrete fall angle is too small so storm water is unable to run fast to drain and water stays in place. Known from yesterday's storm

  • John Jarmel

    Do Not use Bluesky Worx,

    James (real name Trevor James Potter) is a conman. He takes peoples money and doesn't do the job.
    He contracts people to do jobs for him and doesn't pay them.
    He has had at least 2 businesses go under.

    He still owes lots of money and is still taking money and not doing the job.

  • Yvonne Wang

    Don't use

    I complaint a couple of days ago, until today he had hold my deposit for 40days and neither completion nor refund

  • aisha abdel kader

    Hello I contacted  a firm from your website sky cleaning.....they sent me a lady Fiona for me to interview, I was happy to have her start this week...then all of a sudden, I am told that the Boss Paul is also coming over to help clean..I tried to explain that my house doesn't need 2 cleaners, yet they still tried to force me to except 2 or else they would not clean..I found them very intimidating. Tells me my attitude was not being open...So they left me in the lurch. I am disabled and now I have no one to clean for me...I found that very unprofessional to try to stand over me. When I was very specific that I only needed 1 person to clean....Next time try to be Upfront not a few hours before starting the job...Not very professional like at all....They then left me high and dry....with no one to clean my house...I personally would never recommend them to anyone...

  • aisha abdel kader

    SkyCleaning On Paul mobile number is 0475382308 I would 100% not ever recommend  anyone  to do any business with this company...I don't like being bullied in my own home...

  • Justin V

    I contacted 'Dave the gardener' (ABN 84983487315) from your site ($25 - $65/Hr Gardeners in ADELAIDE, SA 5000. Cheap Gardeners Nearby Available Now) who quoted $145 and 1-2 hr to prune a hedge. Although i have had this job done before in less than hour and for around $50ph I hoped he would do a good job since he spent so much time telling me how good he was. He told me he'd call to let me know when he could do it.

    Two days later he msgs at 8am to say he'll be here at 9 to do the job. Bit short notice but I said ok and at 9:15 he turns up.

    Sure enough, 30mins later he was finished - pruning was just ok and not all the prunings cleaned up. I asked him since he was finished so early maybe he could put up a reed fence panel (10 minute job) but he said no and wanted his $145.

    So, far from being a $25-65/Hr gardener, this guy wants me to pay him at an hourly rate of nearly $300!

    Needless to say I won't use him for the regular pruning.

    I wonder if my wheelchair made him feel like he could just push me around?


  • David XU

    I posted a job yesterday, Abdul Holding (ABN - 84354293414 Phone - 0499 109 992) contacted me, I send photo for the job, and got the quote today.

    Today around 6pm, they were come in, but the job did not finish, just leave branches on the side of drive way, then gone.

    We have a long drive way, they said their truck was not easy to parking, so they parked their truck on the entry of the drive way, and come down side to pick up the branches and put them close to their truck, also asked our green bin to put some small branches in.

    There were total three guys, two of them moved the branches, another guys talked to me with other topics, after branches in site moved out, they asked me to pay cash, I paid, but I did not check all the job done or not, I thought they should already put all the branches into their truck.

    Several minutes later, I go to the drive way, found all the branches were still left on the side of drive way, did not take any branch away, they already drove away, then I call them several times, but nobody pick up the phone, it seems they blocked my phone number.

    We were cheated by this service, never use this service.

  • Alexandra Pontidis
    Don't deal with EXPERIASOL web developers this company rips you off!!. BEWARE!!!
    They are scammers. Have been dealing with Waleed Zafaar since late 2020.  dealt with me outside the platform. He was very helpful at the start and always contacting me through whatsapp. He would hesitate to meet with me to discuss my project and I did a video call with but would not show his face just showing me stuff on the computer. Convinced me that I needed a premium theme for my shopify store so I paid him $240. All up he received from me $1040. Started working on the site and uploaded products I selected. He was not always available when I had questions which resulted me to try and figure things out on my own watching youtube videos as I am new to this space. I spent hours trying to fix things up on my own for what I paid him for. I needed his help and he told me that he had clients and was busy and to be patient.
    Really? How unprofessional! I got fed up waiting on false promises that he would finish my store but failed.
    I asked him for a refund or I would report him. Next day I wanted to put a google review it said permanently closed. My store was half done and closed it down. Just for those who are looking for a developer use the platform just incase so you can get a refund.
  • K L

    DO NOT use this builder VK Homes as their workmanship is shoddy and they cut corners everywhere. You will have lots of problems to rectify after moving into the house. Dishonest and unethical and will not rectify defects. Stay Away!

  • Dan

    Hello, I wish to lodge a complaint against Affordable Movers Brisbane. I contracted them to supply a professional removalist service and they turned up with only two men and a small truck. They then seemed to charge me for 9.5hrs, negotiated down to 9hrs. They have also yet to provide me with a receipt for payment.

  • kylie stabb

    my issue is with the service I received from Demi from Profresh cleaning.

    I was quoted $250 for an end of lease clean and I was very specific that was the job.

    firstly she changed the commencement time 3 times within 12hrs, which meant that my partner who was letting her in had to rearrange their schedule twice, once we landed on a time she was over 20min late and my partner ended up leaving the balance of $200 inside the unit and leaving.
    I raised this with her via txt and said it was very unprofessional and was very inconvenient.

    I told her that I would be around later that night to check on the unit and make aurw the job was done according to the NSW bond and rental outline.

    In the quote she included steam clean carpets, wall washing as well, as usual that is extra.

    upon my return to the unit I found it be very unsatisfactory
    the carpets were not steam clean or moist as you would suspect if they had been
    there were marks on the walls still
    the kitchen had a white residue all over it
    she left rubbish and cleaning supply in the unit
    and generally did a poor quality clean.

    I took some photo and msg her and outlined my dissatisfaction and asked when would she be availible to come back and finish the job.

    no reply msg, I tried calling from my mobile private and number on no answer and even from my work number.
    I would definitely consider her trade subscription as it does reflect poorly on everyone including you guys.

  • Donna T

    I accepted a quote for a building repair job with Scott Linford of Home Renovation Specialists from this site.  He asked me for 50% deposit which I paid. $645  After accepting the deposit the work was not done, nor would he take my calls or answer my messages.  Service Seeking did nothing but ban this guys business profile from their site.  Nothing was done  to help me recover my money at all.  The service I received from Service Seeking was extremely disappointing, they should have gone over and above to assist me but nothing was done at all.

  • Sako 85 Brown Bear 375 H&H

    Tyron Brown, took money from my parents for some building works and then disappeared. I cannot contact him or find him. He lives in the Oxley Park or St Marys area. Do not hire this man!

  • Marina Dia

    Irish Bentley Lawyers in Brisbane City did not protect the IP of inventor engineer. Zero stars. In January 2015 they quoted $4400 to secure the client's shares, ASIC directorship, job position, salary & cessation of bullying the inventor was suffering from partners. Nine months later the client is out of money and Zeke Bentley and Tom Webster have not delivered any of those items. The client, my partner now deceased is desperate and living on Age pension. I asked whether I should go through the Fair Work Commission or the Fair Work Ombudsman to try to secure the salary. They did not reply. Instead, their IP specialist Angus Murray proposes a Deed of Separation, so my partner signed this in order to receive his backpay. My partner paid them thousands in order to sign away his IP and sign a non-compete clause. I could have secured the back-salary for free without those horrendous terms. And what's more, the document was delivered from Rouse Lawyers titled Deed of Settlement. Angus let my partner sign that. So now that side says the whole matter was settled when all my partner wanted was resignation so that the other side would have no future claim on future IP generated at my partner's new location. I'm Angry. My partner's IP and knowledge and expertise was honed over 30 years in the industry. He was a world leading expert in his field. Died with 30k super for his sole beneficiary, his 6yo daughter. No other asset. We returned to them after they successfully completed a simple ATO negotiation in 2012. Shouldn't have returned

  • Larry Teh

    I had a quote from Melbourne Plumbing. After an agreed time to meet to scope the work, the bugger did not turn up!! He has a 5 star rating. How is that possible. 

    Don't use him and waste your time.

    Judging from the number of nasty complaints about the tradies in Service Seeking I am inclined not to use them again.

  • Emo

    I had "Harlem" from Yarrabilba "Trend Setters" Plastering (ABN 21862148896) come into my home to do some plastering work after finding him through this website and obtaining a reasonable quote.

    Harlem postponed twice before even commencing the work, so that should have been a clear sign, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and let him in once he finally showed up.

    I had moved all of my personal belongings out of the areas where he was working and put down drop sheets over my entire kitchen, cupboards, couch, TV area, bookcase etc etc. This prep work was done when he first said he was coming so I had to live like this for a few days before he decided to finally arrive to do the job.

    He caused damage to the bottom of one of my cupboards with his stilts he was wearing and didn't bother to tell me, I found this once he had "completed" the job and I took the drop sheets down.

    He also left plaster on my window, on my tiles and a huge mess of rock hard set plaster on my grass where my 10 month old puppy likes to play and explore.

    Once applying the plaster he advised me he would come back the next morning to sand it off for a smooth finish.

    He didn't show up until 4:45pm and with a child in the car whom he left there while coming in to "complete" the job. Because of this he was very rushed and not professional.

    My partner then inspected the works once he was home from being away driving trucks and to our surprise, Harlem had missed one of the main cracked joins in the lounge room.

    We tried several times over the next 2 weeks to get him back to finish the job but he kept making excuses and then eventually stopped communicating with us at all.

    We tried phoning him several times and texting with absolutely no responses.

    Once he had been paid and got his money, he was no where to be found again despite not even finishing the job he was hired for!!!

    I wouldn't recommend "Trend Setters" plastering to anyone as he has extremely bad communication and damages your property!

    He also didn't offer to clean up after himself and in fact left it all for me to clean!!

    I have images to share of all of this but I can't even leave a review on his page or upload them anywhere??????

    It is very frustrating that this website doesn't even allow you to leave a review for a business who "completed" works on your property. Even after "creating an account".


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